Below is a brief snapshot of the diverse sessions we offer. Everything listed below can of course be tailored to the needs and ability of clients as well as their musical tastes and preferences. However we are also great believers in collaboration and co-production and are always looking to expand our musical and therapeutic horizons, so we welcome suggestions and requests! 

Group Sessions 

As is so often the case, group sessions offer a fantastic opportunity for clients and individuals to experience therapeutic music services either as an introductory experience or as a continued and valuable portion of their therapeutic timetable. Group sessions can be customized to meet the physical, cognitive or emotional needs of any client group and have almost no limit to the variety of musical activities that can take place. Our more common groups include:

. Choirs/Singing Groups                  . Percussion Groups
. Sensory Music Group

Amongst a whole host of active benefits, we develop our music groups to be a positive catalyst for interpersonal development, team-working, speech and language development, physical/ motor skills and reminiscence therapy. 

1:1 Sessions

Our specialists provide such a breadth of technical expertise, as well as the corresponding equipment, that there really is no limit to the personalization of 1:1 sessions. Whether these are limited to goal-oriented projects or long-term weekly sessions we aim to give as much agency to our clients as possible, enabling them to make meaningful decisions in developing a short-term or even a life-long interest. Once the focus of the sessions has been decided, sessions will be developed around the individual’s care plan and personal outcomes; whilst of course remaining flexible to potential changes. Far more than a standard syllabus based service, our sessions are committed to flexibility, functionality and fun. We offer a range of 1:1 activities including:

. Instrumental Skills - Guitar, Bass, Piano, Drums
. Vocal Skills
. Composition & Creative Music
. Recording & Music Production
. DJing


Often events can play a truly valuable role in an individual’s timetable, marking occasions for unique and exciting experiences. We believe in using music based events not only as a way to celebrate the achievements of individuals and groups but to provide the opportunities so often missed by individuals in care. Regularly the most popular day of the year, events go a long way to either igniting an individual’s passion or sustaining a continued interest. Our events range:

. Mini-festivals - client/external performances
. Choir showcases
. Open-mic events
. DJ nights

. Music Quiz Nights